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The statistic shows the most widely used programming languages among software developers worldwide, as of early 2017. According to the survey, 62.5 percent of respondents used JavaScript while 51.2 percent used SQL. The least used language on the survey was Haskell with only 1.8 percent of respondents reporting to have used it.

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Delphi is a programming language and software development kit (SDK) for desktop, mobile, web, and console applications. Delphi is the successor of Turbo Pascal – the software development system used with the Pascal programming language.

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As with all attempts to rank the usage of different languages, we have to rely on various proxies for popularity. In our case, this means having data journalist Nick Diakopoulos mine and combine 12 metrics from 10 carefully chosen online sources to rank 48 languages. But where we really differ from other rankings is that our interactive allows you choose how those metrics are weighted when they are …

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Each year since 2011, Stack Overflow has asked developers about their favorite technologies, coding habits, and work preferences, as well as how they learn, share, and level up. This year represents the largest group of respondents in our history: 64,000 developers took our annual survey in January.

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So we picked top programming languages 2017 to help you make a choice which language to learn this year. How We Chose Top Programming Languages 2017. We’ve used data from the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index which analyzes how often users search language tutorials on Google. The more people want to learn a certain programming language, the greater demand for the language …

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But he language is still doing surprisingly strong, earning its place on our list of top programming languages 2017. Even though newcomers to OS X and iOS software development should learn Swift, Objective-C still shines whenever developers need to interact with old C/C++ libraries.

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Open sourced in 2009, Go (or golang) quickly became one of the most popular programming languages. Designed by Google engineers as a practical replacement for large-scale systems development (where traditional languages including Java or C++ still reign supreme), Go has found a strong, emerging following among all kinds of developers.

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The most widely used languages chime with a separate analysis of Stack Overflow and GitHub rankings by RedMonk, which also placed JavaScript, Java, Python and PHP as the most widespread languages.