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Lower Tier. Shaman. What hasn’t been said about the Shaman already. This is a prime example of what a meta can do to a class. The Shaman got fairly good GvG class cards, but the increase in flexibility is the opposite of the treatment Hunter got.

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Welcome to the Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List (LOE) by ADWCTA and Merps. We produce a variety of content for the Hearthstone Arena, including the most consulted Arena Tier List …

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The tier list is limiting because it is before the arena changes blizzard made, but it does offer a comparison. Hunter Commons: Shaky Zipgunner, Smuggler’s Crate, Alleycat

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Arena Class Tier List If you look at any tier list on the web, they will be very different. This is because most of them are based of personal experiences, and contain data from different sources.

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Tier List of the best arena class in hearthstone arena game mode. Ranked from God Tier with the strongest Arena Class, while Tier 3 has the weakest available Arena Class. We have included some of the best hero class cards, the best card for each class/hero.

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Trump’s Arena Tier List – Liquid Hearth Current Rankings * Spiteful Smith , Bloodsail Raider , Dread Corsair , Southsea Deckhand , and Captain Greenskin can have their value increased significantly depending on the number of weapons you have.

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Hearthstone Un’goro Arena Tier List: Each Class Ranked for Arena 16 May 2017 The same goes for Arena play, as the cards introduced in Un’Goro significantly alter which classes are ranking highest on the arena tier list.