Can I Dual Boot Ubuntu from a Virtual CD drive? – Ask Ubuntu

After starting Virtual Box, you can place the iso file in the virtual drive for the installation of the Ubuntu OS. After you are done installing, remove the iso before you reboot the virtual machine. Your Virtual machine connects to virtual ethernet regardless of if your host machine uses WiFi or not.

Can I dual boot using an external hard drive? – Ask Ubuntu

it can be done from an external drive. it can even be done from the internal drive. – ravery Dec 17 ’17 at 21:10 But it is a bit difficult to do a full install to the same drive as you boot installer from.

How to install Ubuntu on portable external Hard Drive?
boot – Installing Ubuntu from an external hard drive

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[ubuntu] Dual Boot – No CD-Drive [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Apr 29, 2010 · OK, the wubi reference mystifies me because, from what I can tell, the OP wants to install XP, not Ubuntu inside XP If you have the ability to boot from USB, you could try migrating the XP files to an USB stick and boot using that.

5 Ways To Try Out and Install Ubuntu On Your Computer

Boot From a Live USB Drive or CD. One of the easiest ways to get started with Ubuntu is by creating a live USB or CD drive. After you place Ubuntu on the drive, you can insert your USB stick, CD, or DVD into any computer you come across and restart the computer.

How to dual boot Ubuntu on my Windows 7 computer without a


Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 – This is by far the easiest way to make a LiveLinux Pen Drive that I’ve seen. Also, I’d suggest you to look at Wubi.It’s a very easy way to install Ubuntu alongside Windows without having to worry about partitions.

Install Virtual CD/DVD Drive ‘CDemu’ in Ubuntu 14.04

Looking for a virtual cd/dvd drive software for Ubuntu? CDemu is an open-source software suite designed to emulate an optical drive and disc (including CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs) on Linux. CDEmu consists of: a kernel module implementing a virtual drive …

How to Boot an Ubuntu ISO from Your Hard Drive: 4 Steps

Apr 30, 2018 · Booting an ISO on your hard drive is useful for testing new versions of Ubuntu without using up a CD. It is quicker than using a live USB tool such as UNetBootin or Ubuntu Live USB Creator. Download the bootable disc image from here.

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How To Install Ubuntu Inside Windows without CD, USB Flash

Install Ubuntu inside Windows without using CD or bootable USB flash drive and dual boot it with Windows operating system. Install Ubuntu inside Windows without using CD or bootable USB flash drive and dual boot it with Windows operating system. Using SiSoft Virtual CloneDrive we can create virtual CD/DVD drive and mount . iso image files

How To Install Ubuntu Linux On Windows 10 – Lifewire

This will not erase your physical hard drive. It will just install Ubuntu in the virtual hard drive created earlier on. Open The VirtualBox Guest Additions CD In Ubuntu The Ultimate Windows And Ubuntu Dual Boot Guide. Install Fedora Linux in Just 10 Steps.

Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu in Perfect Harmony


Ubuntu won’t “mount,” or make available, your Windows 7 and Storage drives on boot-up, however, and we at least want constant access to the Storage drive. To fix that, head to Software Sources in