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La migra is a generic way to talk about CBP and ICE both. inmigración becomes migra. And chinga is just a fabulous slang that has existed forever, and I suggest adding it to your vocabularies.

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‘Abolish ICE’ Activists in Louisville: Throw Trump

The encampment, which has been in place since Monday, had many signs posted, saying, “Abolish ICE” and “Chinga La Migra,” a Spanish phrase used as a rallying cry against law enforcement officers who protect the U.S. border from people who cross illegally.

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I live in the city of Louisville and rent a house. The basement is prone to flooding, and there are large obvious areas of mold growing on the

Trump travel ban: Louisville billboard urges to abolish ICE

The vandalism is happening more often in Louisville than in other locations where Outfront Media does business, according to the company. The political message on the most recent billboard also carries the message “Chinga la migra,” which appears to be a rallying cry in Spanish against law enforcement groups who police immigration.

Police dismantle Occupy Ice encampment, but what is next

[Update: Police arrested Occupy ICE protesters Thursday who were trying to block entrance to the Louisville Immigration Court inside the Heyburn building on West Broadway, according to the Courier Journal. And they began reassembling an encampment, this time at a park near Sixth and Chestnut streets.] Occupy ICE — it’s your move.

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Chinga La Migra. Mijente Louisville Crew is a Latinx national grassroots organization founded on the grounds that we are pro-Black, pro-woman, pro-queer, and pro …