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A Vancouver woman is sounding the alarm about a popular glass desk sold by IKEA that could pose a safety risk. Kamal Arora says she was sleeping when she was jolted awake by a noise like a gun shot.

IKEA glass furniture is spontaneously exploding, customers


The latest incident was reported by an Indiana woman, who says she overheard a “big boom” from her teenage son’s bedroom and discovered that his glass-top “Glasholm” IKEA desk shattered on its own

IKEA glass tables are spontaneously exploding – New York Post

IKEA customers are reporting freaky instances of the Swedish brand’s glass tables spontaneously shattering — sometimes when no one is nearby.

Ikea exploding glass — The Bump

After searching more online, I read about another mom whose daughter was in the room when a glass desk exploded. She said ikea wouldn’t do anything and she …

Mum’s warning after her IKEA desk explodes ‘like a gunshot


AN IKEA customer in Australia has described how she got the fright of her life at home after claiming her glass desk “spontaneously exploded”. Samantha Bailey, from Melbourne, discovered the desk

Woman sues Ikea for £112k claiming glass cup EXPLODED in


Mum’s warning after her IKEA desk explodes ‘like a gunshot’ in family home “We have offered the customer a compensation package however, we have not been able to reach an agreement.

Ikea glass cabinet spontaneously explodes: Video


home; interiors; Sydney woman outraged after glass Ikea cabinet explodes: ‘It scared the living hell out of us’ IT WAS the middle of the night when Sarah heard a giant crash in her living room.

Mother’s glass IKEA desk explodes ‘like a gunshot’

An explosive accident with an IKEA desk has raised concerns about how many ticking time bombs are lurking in Australian homes. Samantha Bailey was at home one morning recently when she heard a