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Feeling Nauseated After Smoking. by DANIELLE HILL Aug. 14, 2017. Nonetheless, whether you feel nauseated is not an indication of the cigarette’s effects on your internal organs. Even a hardened smoker who experiences no nausea increases the chances of cancer, emphysema and heart disease.

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Cigarettes are made from dried tobacco leaves. Other substances are added for flavor and to give smoking a more pleasant taste. The smoke from these products is a complex mixture of chemicals produced by the burning of tobacco and its additives.

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Mar 07, 2013 · Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Novick on nausea after smoking cigarettes: Marijuana can make you sick from toxins absorbed( smoke), oxygen deprivation, or other over-indulgances combined with smoking.

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be strong,and good luck with the tx, i m a week 43 i try to quit smoking, give me nausea, sometime, but not i m not quit yet, i.tell the nurse the everybody should quit smoking, healty pp or not. but d,ont wory sigarette for now is the last i personaly should worry about.

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Apr 14, 2018 · This isn’t so much a bump as a follow up for anyone who has the same problem. I’ve had to quit smoking, I don’t know what’s wrong. I even saw a gastroenterologist who just said that marijuana is the #1 cause of nausea in 20-year-olds, which sounds like bullshit, but whatever.

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Hi doctor, I have some major problems with my small intestines. I have cramping pain in my lower abdomen, and I suffer from indigestion, bloating, burping, and nausea.Nausea seems to originate from my lower intestine.

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Aug 12, 2008 · the correlation between cannabis smoking and nausea/vomiting aggravation does indeed exist for a small percentage of the cannabis-using population. Cannabis more frequently quells, or suppresses, nausea and vomiting for most people.

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Before I quit in 1984 cigarettes especially first thing in the morning would make me nauseous. That and a feeling of “unable to quit” caused me to throw a fit and I decided to stop with the use of nicoret gum.

Before I quit in 1984 cigarettes especially first thing in the morning would make me nauseous. That and a feeling of “unable to quit” caused me to throw a fit and I decided to stop with the use of nicoret gum. It wasn’t easy but I now shake my head thinking about how entrapped I was with not only the chemical nastiness but the time wasting rituals and ceremonies associated with smoking. It is only a guess but in my case I feel my body was getting a toxic shock reaction.Your body is telling you something. When I was young, the dangers of smoking were not known, but I never smoked. My husband was a smoker unti 20 years ago. Now that he is older, the results of his smoking have come to haunt him. Once you quit smoking, your lungs immediately start repairing themselves, but the damage done to your cardio-vascular system is forever! As a result of my husband’s smoking, he has peripheral artery disease, which is decresed blood flow to all parts of his body, leading to many sugeries and angioplasty, aortic aneurisym, tongue cancer, and of yesterday throat cancer, all due to smoking. It amazes me with all the specialists he sees, the very first question they ask is if he does or has ever smoked. My husband was always a picture of health, an avid runner, now he’s lucky to walk from the house to the car without sever pain in his legs. He still works, and when going into see a customer will have to fake a phone call in the parking lot, as an excuse to stop walking so the pain can subside for him to walk a little farther. It’s heart wrenching to see him deteriorating like this all because of cigarettes. This not a lecture, just my story. As Johnny Carson said while dying”damn cigarettes”.I am so scared I ruined my body permanently. I didn’t mean too. I cry over it a lot and I am scared. My right hand turns more purple than the left when at my side and I have shown and told doctors what is happening and they just keep telling me it is anxiety. I don’t want to die. What do I do? If I broke my body and can’t fix it I am scared.Please don’t be scared. You are young and have not smoked for that long, so if you quit now, you are ahead of the game! Everyone’s different, and some people smoke all their lives without these complications. The important thing to do is make a life changing choice right now. Stop smoking, and eat well for the rest of your life. I don’t mean to not enjoy hamburgers, or french fries, just don’t eat them on a regular basis. The Scandinavians have high cholesterol but none of these problems and it is because they eat a diet with a lot of fish, and little red meat. If you like fish, go for it! If not, take the fish oil supplement. My husband added to his problems by not eating well, lots of greasy, fatty food, and it has all caught up with him. You are still young and healthy enough to head off these problems. Your hands turning purple is not a result of your smoking, so you can relax on that. If you have a lot of anxiety or need help getting off the cigarettes, do not hesitate to get help. You sound like you are healthy, and if you quit smoking you’ll live a long healthy life. Be proud that you are smart enough to know what you were doing to your body, and strong enough to change it! Your age is a big benefit for you, so stop worrying and just be healthy, and enjoy life. I know you can do this, and you will feel much better when you do. Best of luck to you, and let us know how you are doing from time to time. Take careA normal response to cigarette smoking is elevated blood pressue. It’s both due to the chemicals in the cigarettes and the decrease in Oxygen. I had given up for 2 years and the day before my bypass surgery I lit up due to the stress. Let’s just say I wish I hadn’t. I went light headed for hours and had to sit on the floor outside the hospital building because I thought I was going to pass out. My blood pressure was checked when I returned to the ward and it was through the roof. If you give up, your Oxygen levels will increase in the blood within hours because the red corpuscles are not being destroyed. Your lungs will start to recover from the moment you give up too. I still don’t believe that cigarettes are the cause of artery disease and I’m sure that the real culprit will be found in time. I have seen many patients in my hospital admissions who have never touched a cigarette in their lives but still have the disease. More recent thinking is looking at free radicals which bombard the artery lining, causing pitting. The immune system then uses cholesterol to repair the surface which is turned into a plaque for added strength. Maybe we should be concentrating more on de-toxing our bodies to remove many of the free radicals which are also known to be associated with cancers. One good way to rid our bodies of toxins is to fast for one day a week. Studies have shown that lab animals actually tend to live much longer using this method and stay healthy. The bible also says we should fast one day out of seven.People also develop lung cancer without ever smoking a cigarette. But that doesn’t mean cigarettes aren’t the leading cause of lung cancer. Part of this is also hereditary, and can be a combination of both. You’re right about inflammation in the lining of the arteries causing holes, but it is the good cholesterol that plugs these up with no build-up. I don’t know what component it is in cigarettes, that also shrink the arteries. My sister-in-law is dying of Emphysema from smoking. Your experience alone is proof of what nicotine can do. I don’t understand how cleansing your system for just one day, while it is contaminated for the remaining 6 would help. But then I also don’t buy into a lot of what the Bible says.I am really sorry for you that you don’t buy into a lot of what the Bible says. It is The word and it is The truth. Every word in the Bible is pure truth and nothing but. Our eternity depends on what the Bible says. God gave us His word Take careSmoking causes your blood vessels to clamp way down which may be the reason you feel like you do. In Europe, I forget which country ( plus you couldn’t do this in America) they had a patient on the cath table and took pictures of his arteries. They then had him smoke (while on the table) and they re-shot the images. His coronary arteries shrunk down to 50% of their original caliber. Your coronaries and all the blood vessels in your body go through the same process when yo smoke, so perhaps your body is tired of it.our bodies become highly contaminated with free radicals and other toxins due to the foods we eat. The body can only ‘naturally’ remove so much of these but our diets simply overload the system. Starving from food for one day each week gives the body a good chance to catch up. Experiments in labs show that animals live longer than average using this method.you stated “You’re right about inflammation in the lining of the arteries causing holes, but it is the good cholesterol that plugs these up with no build-up” Everything I have read regarding cholesterol states that LDL (bad) cholesterol is used by the body for treating damage to arteries. HDL (Good) simply tries to keep the level of LDL in check and returns unused LDL back to the liver for recycling. Maybe all the documentation I’ve read is incorrect?

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But because you started feeling sick two days after smoking — long after the nicotine would have left your system — the symptoms you describe are more likely signs of something else. Perhaps the smoking made your allergies worse or triggered another illness that your body is now trying to fight.

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From 48 hour after quitting smoking feel chest tight ,feels unhealthy, feels some breath problem ,dry mouth as you all discussed.from now after 72 hours feeling some comfortable with breath. I smoked for 12 years 5 to 10 per day.