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The Swedish national dietary guidelines were developed by the National Food Agency with the support of representatives from other governmental bodies, such as the Public Health Agency and the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the food industry, and research centres. They are based on the Nordic

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Food-based dietary guidelines (also known as dietary guidelines) are intended to establish a basis for public food and nutrition, health and agricultural policies and nutrition education programmes to foster healthy eating habits and lifestyles. They provide advice on foods, food groups and dietary

Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in Europe: (EUFIC)

Food-based dietary guidelines in Europe 01 October 2009. Nowadays there is a mass of information and advice available from different sources about nutrition and health, and interested individuals can find details about the nutrients (e.g. carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals) they should be eating to achieve a healthy balanced diet.


Food based dietary guidelines – WHO/Europe

food-based dietary guidelines; 8 reported having national food-based dietary guidelines that were either in preparation and/or not yet endorsed by the government; 6 reported not having food- based dietary guidelines and 9 did not reply to the questionnaire.


Food patterns and dietary recommendations in Spain, France

Food patterns and dietary recommendations in Spain, France and Sweden. Blonk Milieu Advies BV Food-based dietary guidelines in pilot countries 2.1 Spain 2.2 France 2.3 Sweden 3. Guidelines and consumption trends 3.1 Consumed quantities in dietary surveys 3.1.1 Spain 3.1.2 France


EAT GOOD The Finnish Dietary Guidelines – Syö hyvää

The background of the Finnish Dietary Guidelines. How to promote health by food • Reduce the energy content of food, increase the nutrient content of food and improve the quality of carbohydrates. • Eat more fruit and vegetables

Debunking News of Sweden’s “Low-Carb, High-Fat” Guidelines

When experts say it’s OK to eat fat — lots of fat — people listen. So when news sources began reporting that Sweden had changed its national dietary guidelines to recommend a high-fat, low-carb diet last fall, the news spread quickly.

The Official Dietary Guidelines – Fødevarestyrelsen

Everything you eat and drink affects your body. Follow the Official Dietary Guidelines.