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The fragmentation grenade is a weapon in Fallout 4. Fragmentation grenades are generally simple and effective. They are widely used throughout the Commonwealth.

type: Grenade

Fragmentation grenade MIRV – Fallout Wiki

The fragmentation grenade MIRV is a weapon in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.. Characteristics Edit. Fragmentation grenade MIRVs are explosive grenades that detonate into several other grenades. Despite the listed damage of 1, each bomblet detonates as if it were its own grenade, making it a devastating weapon.

type: grenade

Fragmentation grenade – The Vault Fallout wiki – Fallout 4

The fragmentation grenade is an explosive weapon in Fallout 4.. Characteristics [edit | edit source]. Fragmentation grenades are some of the most common explosives in the game, and because of their raw damage, they are great for taking the fight to stronger opponents.

Fragmentation Grenade – Fallout 4 Wiki

Fragmentation Grenade is weapon in Fallout 4. Deals 151 damage, has 0 accurcay, 93 range and 0.5 weight. You can also modify the weapon with mods.

Grenade – The Vault Fallout wiki – Fallout 4, Fallout: New

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout Tactics, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Van Buren A generic fragmentation grenade. Contains a small amount of high explosives, the container itself forming most of the damaging fragments.

Top 10 Best Grenades in Fallout 4 – QTopTens

This list will detail the 10 best grenades in Fallout 4, giving you all the info you need to start using them properly! Note: With 2 ranks in the Demolition Expert perk, you’ll gain a green arc that shows where your grenade will travel. Very useful. Fragmentation Grenade.

Mk. II Frag Grenade – Standalone or Replacer at Fallout 4

Mk. II Fragmentation Grenade – Standalone or Replacer Information on the MK. II Grenade: The Mk 2 grenade (sometimes written Mk II) is a fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade introduced by the U.S. armed forces in 1918.It was the standard issue anti-personnel grenade used during World War II and in later conflicts, including the Vietnam War.

How to throw explosives, e.g. a grenade in Fallout 4? – Arqade

I have some grenades, and molotov cocktails. Yet I cannot throw them. I mean, it’s nice that we get however long we need (combat conditions allowing) to aim. But I still love it when a frag drops at the enemy’s feet and they have no time to run – or, even more fun, bursts in the air overhead of a small group. Fallout 4 crashes so hard

Select your favorite explosive, and hold down your melee button for a while. You should hear a clicking noise on success before throwing.
The defaults are:
PS4: R1.
PC: Alt.
After releasing, you throw the explosives. It seems you can hold grenades for a long while.
If you do a melee attack, try holding it longer.Beste Antwort · 35
You can throw them in VATS. Unequip all weapons, including grenades. Then only equip the grenades. Have your character unholster so that the grenade is showing in his hand. Now you can use the regular trigger button to use a grenade and throw them in VATS. I’ve only done this with frags so I’m not sure if it’ll work on the others, but it should.0

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