Helping Scotland Investigate, Treat Anthrax Among Heroin

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Anthrax Kills 6 Heroin Addicts in Scotland – CBS News

Contaminated heroin may have caused an anthrax outbreak among drug addicts in Scotland, killing six people and infecting 12 in total, health officials said Thursday. All of the people stricken with the bacterial disease were believed to be heroin users, said a spokesman at Scotland’s Health Protection Agency, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government policy.



Scottish Drugs Forum Anthrax can be cured with early treatment 2 About this guide HEROIN users in Scotland face a potentially deadly risk from anthrax infection. In 2009/10 an outbreak of anthrax among heroin users in Scotland

Six Heroin Users in Scotland Die of Anthrax Poisoning


Jan 12, 2010 · Six heroin users in Scotland have died of anthrax poisoning, and more have fallen ill, British health authorities said last week. The suspected source of the anthrax is bone meal from Afghanistan, demonstrating how globalization of the drug trade can …

Injection Anthrax—a New Outbreak in Heroin Users


Dec 07, 2012 · It has appeared in recent years among heroin users in various European countries. In patients with suggestive clinical presentation and a history of heroin use, anthrax infection must be suspected early, so that the appropriate diagnostic tests can be performed without delay. Timely treatment can be life-saving.

Molecular Epidemiologic Investigation of an Anthrax


In December 2009, two cases of injectional anthrax were diagnosed in heroin users in Scotland after B. anthracis was detected in blood cultures . These cases marked the beginning of an emerging anthrax outbreak among European heroin users.

Heroin’s Anthrax Problem – Body Horrors

Aug 30, 2014 · 7) EP Price et al. (2012) Molecular epidemiologic investigation of an anthrax outbreak among heroin users, Europe. Emerg Infect Dis. 18(8): 1307-13 8) SH Ringertz et al. (2000) Injectional anthrax

Nationwide alert after anthrax-tainted heroin kills six

Anthrax-tainted heroin has killed six addicts and left another six in hospital. Photograph: PA Photo/PA A nationwide alert has been issued to hospitals, ambulance services and GPs after a batch of


An Outbreak of Anthrax Among Drug Users in Scotland

An Outbreak of Anthrax Among Drug Users in Scotland December 2009 – December 2010 Report iii 6. Conclusions and Recommendations 67 6.1.ey Conclusions K 67 6.1.1. Outbreak Genesis 67 6.1.2. Source of Anthrax Spores 67 6.1.3. Heroin Contamination 67 6.1.4. Distribution networks 67 6.1.5. Contaminated Heroin Exposure 67 6.1.6. Drug User History 68 6.1.7.