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If you do create a personal Profile for your business in this fashion, Facebook can (and will) delete all your accounts, and they won’t be reinstated. Facebook will let you migrate your personal Profile to a business Profile Page, sometimes called a business Profile.

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How do I set up a business page in Facebook without my

However, when you create a Page from your personal account no one can see that you’re the admin or that your personal account is associated with the Page. As another solution once you have a Facebook profile, we have a great tool available if you’d like to keep …

Business page without personal page? | Facebook Help
Can I create a facebook page without creating a profile

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Why should I convert my profile to a Facebook Page

If you’re using your profile to represent a business, there are many benefits to converting your profile to a Facebook Page, including features that help you connect with customers and reach your goals, Page roles that let you give other people access to edit your Page, and …

How to Create a Facebook Page Without a Personal Profile

Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles: Many people don’t realize it is perfectly possible to create a Facebook Page for your business without having a Personal Profile. A lot of business owners are not interested in having a Facebook Personal Profile but do like to …

Can You Create a Business Page That Is Not Attached to a

Facebook supports business accounts so that anyone who wants to create a Page or Ad but not a personal profile can still access the website. Business accounts are only for individuals who do not have personal profiles and do not want to create one.

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Before you create your Facebook login and set up your profile, if you want to use Facebook to promote your business, you will need to decide if you want to set up a Facebook personal account or a business account. Even if you plan to only use Facebook to promote your business, I recommend you choose a personal account.

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Oct 10, 2018 · If you are creating a profile for Twitter, be sure to include any other handles for any other Twitter accounts you also own. For example, if you are creating a profile for your personal Twitter, but also run a Twitter account for your business, include a handle (@ExampleCompany) at the end of …

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