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One of the few photos I have of myself that shows me pregnant. Recently I was looking at some photos in one of my digital albums with my son. As we navigated toward a specific era in our history

Will I regret not taking more photos during delivery

Jul 06, 2015 · During the birth itself, however, I feel really strongly about it just being my husband and I in the room to share that together. And neither of us really want him to be taking photos during the delivery, because we both want to be completely in the moment.

What do you regret not doing while pregnant and after baby

Well with the pregnancy I regret not taking more photo’s of my belly. And I did want to get a cast of my belly but I do not regret not doing that too much.

I Regret Not Taking Glamour Maternity Portraits

By not embracing my pregnant body, I missed the opportunity to capture the beauty of pregnancy for my daughters. Yes, my bump pictures are an excellent scare tactic, but perhaps they shouldn’t be. As someone who supports body positivity and sex positive education, I wish now that I had celebrated my pregnant body more.

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5 Things I Regret Not Doing During Pregnancy. November 21, because I seriously regret not doing them. 1. Taking more pictures. I have one poorly-lit photo of myself in my third trimester. One. And I have no more than five photos of myself during the entire nine months. At the time, I felt fat, ugly, and like there was no way my body could

Why you should buckle down and take those maternity photos

This time around, pregnant with baby No. 4, I knew that I would regret passing up pregnancy portraits. And although once again I felt huge, gross and as completely not beautiful as I had in my entire life, I posed in a field of mustard flowers and tried to think serene, growing-a-baby pregnancy thoughts.

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I regret not taking pictures of my growing bump to make a time lapse video like I had planned, also really really regret not trying to breastfeed, simply didn’t even cross my mind and wish I did now

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Experienced moms dish on what they wish they had done during pregnancy, so you can look back on your 40 weeks and have zero regrets. For some women, those 40 weeks of pregnancy fly by. For others, they slow to a crawl.

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My husband and I planned this pregnancy but now I really regret it. We had always planned on not having kids but threw caution to the wind and thought it might be a fun idea. We conceived the first week we have ever had protection free sex.