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I was an awkward teen in biology class when a girl who managed to bypass the weirdness of puberty waltzed into the room with violet eyes. This was at the height of the colored contacts phenomenon

High definition, eye-enhancing contact lenses

Eye-defining contact lenses to replace makeup? Picture review Well, that may be an overstatement. But if subtle enhancement is your thing, buy these – or try our eye-brightening makeup tricks

Before And After Photos Of My Eyes In Acuvue Define

I tried out the new Acuvue Define contact lenses and, oh my goodness, they are actually amazing. Check out the before and after photos!

A Hint of Color: Consider Color-Enhancing Contact Lenses

Here are a few eye enhancing contacts you might like to try: Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers come in aquamarine, ocean blue or emerald green. These lenses are two-week disposables and are comparably priced to regular contact lenses!

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Contact Lenses | ACUVUE® Brand

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Contact Lenses are more than colored contacts, they’re eye-enhancing contact lenses. Find more info and get your free trial pair now. Try For Free* Try For Free* Find a nearby doctor who can fit you with ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS: Color Contact Lenses | AirOptix.com

AIR OPTIX ® COLORS contact lenses are designed to enhance dark or light eyes, with a completely natural effect and can be prescribed with or without vision correction. They are made with a unique, smooth surface and feature a technology that combines 3 colors in 1 to blend naturally with the color of your eye, so you can experience a new look

Virtual try on new EYE COLOR CHANGING contact lenses

Check out the new Air Optix Colors. You can even upload your own image to try out the color options. http://www.airoptix.com/colors/color-studio.shtml

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Free* Contact Lenses. Try any ACUVUE ® Brand Contact lenses for free* before you decide to buy. Getting started with free* contact lenses is easy. Just follow the steps below.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS Color Studio ǀ AirOptix.com

Contact lenses, even if worn for cosmetic reasons, are prescription medical devices that must only be worn under the prescription, direction and supervision of an eye care professional. Serious eye health problems may occur as a result of sharing contact lenses.

Colored Contact Lenses | 1-800 CONTACTS Connect

Colored contact lenses are also known as decorative or cosmetic lenses. Circle lenses prevent the cornea from receiving oxygen, which is essential to eye health. Circle lenses also make the eye more susceptible to abrasions, and thereby, infections. Caring for your colored lenses.