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Internment definition, an act or instance of interning. See more.

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Internment is the imprisonment of people, commonly in large groups, without charges or intent to file charges, and thus no trial.The term is especially used for the confinement “of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”. Thus, while it can simply mean imprisonment, it tends to refer to preventive confinement, rather than confinement after having been convicted of some crime.

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a. the act of interning or state of being interned, esp of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects

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Internment is the act of detaining a person or a group of people, especially a group perceived to be a threat during wartime. The United States, for instance, infamously put many Japanese-American citizens into internment camps during the second world war. Interment is what happens when a deceased

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the internment of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II is one of the more shameful chapters in United States history; Synonyms of internment. captivity, confinement, immurement, impoundment, imprisonment, incarceration, prison. Words Related to internment. bondage, enslavement, servitude.

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Internment means putting a person in prison or other kind of detention, generally in wartime. During World War II, the American government put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, fearing they might be loyal to Japan.

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Oct 29, 2009 · Video ansehen · Japanese internment camps were established during World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt through his Executive Order 9066. From 1942 to 1945, it was the policy of the U.S. government that

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