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May 31, 2018 · The Javazon is, as the name indicates an Amazon focused on using the Javelin weapons. As such she prefers to engage enemies from afar, though she is capable of taking on enemies in melee as well if the situation calls for it.

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Drop the points from Penetrate(nearly useless) and take some more from Dodge/Avoid/Evade and/or Critical Strike, if necessary you can even take points from Valkyrie, just make sure it is at level 17 or better when ever you use it, put 1 point in Jab and max out Charged Strike.

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A build by lMarcusl on gamepedia has the player putting over half their skill points into Pierce, Critical Strike, Penetrate, Avoid, Dodge, Evade and Valkyrie and only 20 …

Top responsesRedditLightning fury max (main multi target attack)
Charged strike max (for single targets)
Pierce 10 or so (if you can get 100%, you’re golden)
One in … read more1 vote
Dodge/avoid/evade have an 8 frame animation time that is not affected by FHR (faster hit recovery). A hostile holy freeze aura, being chilled, or the … read more4 votesAlle anzeigen

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Sep 28, 2016 · As a javazon, your main skill is charged strike (CS). You only use lightning fury (LF) when there are lots of ennemies packed. So you want maxed CS and LF, along with 3-5 points in pierce, and everything else goes to the lightning synergies (power strike, lightning bolt, lightning strike).


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Javazon by lMarcusl. From Diablo Wiki. however the Javazon is an extremely Mana intensive build.. Diablo , Duriel,. The Javazon is an umbrella term used to describe a number of Amazon Builds that focus on the use of Javelins and Javelin and Spear Skills. In terms of Javazons, there. 27-6-2001 · …

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Jul 09, 2013 · B) Spirit:-for fast cast rate (if you use teleport this is the best choice because of 30+ fast cast rate 2 all skill and 55 faster hit recovery, AS we know javazon is slow when she use this teleport and a few cast is help )

[Diablo II] Amazon WhiteBearZ :: Lv.44 Javazon (Nightmare

Oct 19, 2013 · Diablo II เกมเก่าแต่เก๋าเกม เอามาเล่นใหม่ก็ยังสนุกอยู่ ผมเล่นๆ

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