Just ONE energy drink a day may raise the risk of heart


After drinking the energy drink, young people saw their blood pressure increase by 6.4 per cent, compared to just 1 per cent with the fake drink. These changes could predispose otherwise healthy, young adults to heart problems, the researchers warned.

Heart Risks Raised by Just One Energy Drink, Study Finds

Having just one energy drink can cause short-term changes in healthy adults that, over time, could increase their risk of heart disease, a new study finds. In the study, participants who drank one 16-ounce (480 milliliters) can of Rockstar energy drink had higher blood pressure and higher levels of the hormone norepinephrine, after they drank the energy drink than before they consumed it.

Just One Energy Drink May Raise Heart Risks: JAMA Study

Consuming a single energy drink can cause short-term changes in healthy adults that could increase their risk of heart disease over time, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Just One Energy Drink Could Increase Risk of Heart Disease

To find out, researchers from the Mayo Clinic looked at the effects of consuming just one 480 ml (16 oz) energy drink, and their conclusion was alarming: the recorded increase in blood pressure and stress hormone responses were so significant that they could conceivably trigger new cardiovascular events.

Energy Drink Heart Problems Study – Schmidt & Clark, LLP

Just One Energy Drink Per Day Can Increase Risk of Heart Problems: Study. Consuming just one 16oz. energy drink per day can raise blood pressure and stress hormones to unsafe levels in otherwise healthy men and women, a new study by the Mayo Clinic has found.

Energy Drinks & The Heart: Know the Risks – SecondsCount

According to one study, 19 percent of college students who used energy drinks had experienced heart palpitations. Increased heart rate and blood pressure. Energy drinks can increase heart rate and blood pressure, particularly in people who already have heart disease.

Just 1 energy drink a day could increase heart risk, Mayo

How’s this for a jolt: young adults who drink even just one energy drink a day may increase their risk of heart disease. Studies have linked energy drinks and heart issues before, but those

Energy Drink Users Could Be Predisposed to Heart Disease

Drinking even one energy drink can have negative health effects, a new study suggests. The study, published in JAMA, found that drinking one can of the popular “Rockstar” energy drink could significantly increase blood pressure and certain stress hormones. The findings suggest that having energy drinks could raise the risk of developing heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Energy Drink May Fuel Your Workout and Heart Problems

In some cases, just one hefty energy drink can put you at risk of heart complications. Know your levels of caffeine A report in the July/August 2016 Journal of Addiction Medicine suggests that

Energy drinks raise more heart health concerns – CBS News

For your heart’s sake, go easy on the energy drinks. A new study shows guzzling the jacked-up beverages can raise the risk for an abnormal heart may have been associated with energy drinks.

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