Mobile medicine: app eDrug to remind Hong Kong patients

Mobile medicine: app eDrug to remind Hong Kong patients not to miss their medication New app eDrug will remind patients to take their drugs and offer tips, but plans to involve the Hospital

Mobile app eDrug to remind Hong Kong patients not to miss

The app, named eDrug, has been developed by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong and the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong. According to a survey released by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists last November, 25 per cent of patients questioned in …


A User-friendly Mobile Application to Promote Medication

include medicine name, dosage and medicine photo in both the notification and main screen of the mobile phone. The overview system operation is shown in Figure 1.

Physician review of Pillboxie, a medication reminder app

This app’s purpose is to remind patients to take their medications, hoping to improve overall compliance. Evidence to Support Goals: Using PubMed and Google Scholar, we were unable to find studies that have examined the use of smartphones apps for medication adherence.

Top 10 mobile apps in medication management

4. Medisafe Medication Reminder. Medisafe app educates users about their medicine and condition. It keeps them going by sharing progress and offering useful tips. The app notifies the user when it is time to take medication with customizable sounds. It also provides a notification when it …

Pharmacists among the only healthcare professionals

Pharmacists among the only healthcare professionals experiencing a surplus in Hong Kong Shirley Sit, 25 Jan 2017 A government study on healthcare manpower has projected that pharmacists will most likely be the only healthcare profession to see excess numbers in the next ten years.

Health is fine if pills are on time – Chaudhry – mHealth

Medication non-adherence is a pervasive problem that can impact an individual’s health and wellness. MediSafe is a user-friendly and simple app that enables patients to improve their medication adherence by setting reminders, and enhance their provider relationships by sharing intake and …

Round Health: Personal Assistant for Pill Taking

Nov 08, 2016 · Round Health is a handy medication reminder app that is designed to help users remember to take their pills. The app is simple to setup and does a nice job of unobtrusively reminding patients when to take their medications. Users can program in dosing for a fairly extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as supplements.


Forget your medicine? This device won’t let you

“There are all types of reasons why people don’t take their medication.” of rat disease found in Hong Kong. pill-bottle caps that use Ma Bell’s network to remind you to take your medicine.

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Mobile App Development Premium iOS & Android App; Patients can send their health reports and medication to their physician. Patients can also send a message to the nurse, staff or doctor. Alexa can also remind patients to have their scheduled food or medicines. Nurses.