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From Anglo-Norman oblivion ( = Old French oblivion), from Latin oblīviō (“forgetfulness”), from oblivisci (“to forget”). The state of forgetting completely, of being oblivious, unconscious, unaware, as when sleeping, drunk, or dead.

Oblivion | Definition of Oblivion by Merriam-Webster

Oblivion was derived via Middle English and Anglo-French from Latin oblivisci, which means “to forget.” This form may have stemmed from combining ob-(“in the way”) and levis (“smooth”).

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Oblivion – Detailed Meaning. Your name Oblivion makes you spontaneous, confident, poised, and versatile. You could be the consummate host as you enjoy being the centre of attention and engaging in conversation and social interaction.

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oblivion definition: 1. the state of being completely forgotten: 2. the state of being completely destroyed: 3. the state of being unconscious: . Learn more.

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Oblivion is the state of having been forgotten or of no longer being considered important. It seems that the so-called new theory is likely to sink into oblivion. 3.

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Define oblivion. oblivion synonyms, oblivion pronunciation, oblivion translation, English dictionary definition of oblivion. n. 1. The condition or quality of being completely forgotten: “He knows that everything he writes is consigned to posterity ” . 2. The act or an instance of

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