‘Overlord’ Announces Season 3 Order, Key Visual

The second season of the series came to an end today, and now the third season, titled Overlord III, is already in production. Along with the announcement of the new season, the series released a new key visual as well as a short commercial promo which reveal the series’ new logo.

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Overlord anime was airing its second season. The famous anime returned for its second season earlier this year and has just ended, the fans are already awaiting what lies ahead for the show. The news I have is related to Overlord Season 3 and its release date.

Overlord Season 3 to Air From July! | Tokyo Otaku Mode News

Fantasy anime Overlord will be back for a third season of the TV anime set for broadcast in July. Adapted from Maruyama Kugane’s light novel series, the anime’ third season was announced after the broadcast of the 13th episode of Season 2, which is currently airing.

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Overlord III is slated to begin in July, and has just released a cool new visual featuring the terrifying power of Ainz Ooal Gown. Overlord Season 3 New Key Visual from r/anime

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Apr 03, 2018 · Production wise this is probably just continuous work on the second season. Just slapping 3 on the title sequence.

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With the second season of the Overlord TV anime scheduled for a Jan. 2018 premiere, a new key visual depicting the skeletal Ainz Ooal Gown has just been released. Publisher Enterbrain has also

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Season 2 of Overlord will premiere in January 2018. The wraparound banner of the light novel’s 12 volume revealed the broadcast window and that studio Madhouse ( No Game No Life , Wolf Children ) will return to produce the second season.

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Second season sometime this year, and the next thing to watch would be the Overlord specials or the drama cds. All of these can be found in YouTube. Also, I’d highly recommend reading the books.

Top responsesRedditRead the newcomers faq on the top of the home page and that should answer your questions19 votesSecond season sometime this year, and the next thing to watch would be the Overlord specials or the drama cds. All of these can be found in YouTube. Also, … read more4 votesMost people would probably recommend the light novel or the manga. The Manga is still nowhere near caught up with the LN, but it’s farther than the anime, so … read more1 voteAlle anzeigen

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Overlord Season 3 ended with 13 episodes. Any update regarding Season 4 will be posted here.

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Overlord (オーバーロード, Ōbārōdo) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. It began serialization online in 2010, before being acquired by Enterbrain .

Genre: Fantasy