Phil Collins ‘fax machine’ divorce – the Genesis star

Phil Collins has spoken out on the longstanding rumour that he split up with his ex-wife Jill Tavelman via fax. The pair were married from 1984-1986, with the rumour that the Genesis turned solo

Dropping the Ax Via Fax |

Aug 08, 1994 · IT WILL PROBABLY BE REMEMBERED as the first transcontinental celebrity divorce-by-fax. But that was only one of many bizarre twists in the breakup of rock royal Phil Collins …

TIL Phil Collins dumped his wife of over ten years by fax

But i remember Phil’s voice saying ‘I didn’t want it” in reference to a divorce. Not sure which marriage he meant though. Not sure which marriage he meant though. But i’m pretty sure it was the one preceding the album mentioned in a comment above.

Top responsesRedditI believe he was later quoted “It has all been a pack of lies.”24 votesYet later in the same article it states “But for the record, no he did not divorce his second wife Jill by fax, he insists.” and even further down that “Phil reportedly … read more78 votesSo we’re taking a Mirror article as news now?13 votesWell, at least he didn’t walk away and leave without a trace.24 votesIn the article he said that wasn’t true so you’re perpetuating a myth. This is why the world is so nuts, they keep repeating lies until they become legend. Marie … read more5 votesI find it more interesting that he regularly has dinner with all 3 of his exes at the same table.7 votesAlle anzeigen

Phil Collins: Singer clears up rumours about why he really

He did not divorce his wife over fax Collins faced a number of reports claiming he ended his marriage to his second wife Jill Travelman via fax machine, but he insists this is not the case.

Phil Collins Responds to the Rumor He Divorced Wife by Fax


Phil Collins has spent the past few years re-examining his life: reissuing his solo albums and writing “Not Dead Yet,” a revealing and honest memoir.. The book, which hits stands today, documents

Phil Collins’ fax divorce was a lesson for Lily | GenesisFan

Actress Lily Collins vowed to keep her private life under wraps after witnessing the global furore over her rocker dad Phil’s infamous “fax divorce” when she was a child. The former Genesis singer split from his second wife, Lily’s mother Jill Tavelman, in the early 1990s and their 12-year marriage

Phil Collins finally addresses those rumours of whether he


Phil Collins finally addresses those rumours of whether he divorced his second wife via fax Addressing his 1994 divorce from then-wife Jill Tavelman, after 10 years of marriage, on ABC News

Phil Collins Divorce Settlement a Record Breaker –

The third time was certainly not the charm for Phil Collins, who’s facing yet another pricey divorce. After six years of marriage and two children, the musician’s former wife, Swiss-born

Phil Collins’ ex-wife Andrea breaks her silence 35 years


Phil Collins famously claimed his first wife Andrea left him for their painter and decorator. But she remembers a very different version of events and after 35 years, she is finally telling her story.

Phil Collins / Singer takes new wife, new country, new

Eight years ago, Phil Collins, 51, split from his wife, Jill Tavelman, with a fax that wound up on the front page of all the British tabloids. After dishing out an estimated $40 million divorce