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Received standing ovations at Cannes and Toronto film festivals Jeff (Freddie Fox), Jonathan (Dominic West) and Mike (Joseph Gilgun) in a scene from film Pride. With miners up and down the land a repressed minority on account of their bitter stand against Thatcher, another bunch of outcasts have decided to show some solidarity with the cause.

Miners Strike: When the gay community stood up for the


Based on the true story of London based Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), the film will look at how the two groups Margaret Thatcher tried to repress – the LGBT community and miners – joined together to fight back.

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Cliff, an older miner (in the film, a killingly funny and affecting Bill Nighy) appears in the documentary saying: “The lesbians and gays have been super duper.” LGSM members and miners dancing at the welfare hall in the Dulais Valley, Wales.

Miners Strike: When the gay community stood up for the

Miners Strike: When the gay community stood up for the miners – Wales Online. Pride, a movie about the unlikely miners’ strike link up between London based gays & …

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An interview with one of the founders of England’s Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, the subject of the new movie Pride. LGBTQ histories, as told through graphic design lgsm-3-1-publicity-copy-of-a3-poster-pits-and-perverts

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The movie is set during one-year span starting on the 1984 London Gay Pride. Real-life young activist Mark Ashton ( Ben Schnetzer) is marching for equality with his group of friends when he suggests the idea to raise money for the miners striking against the pits’ closure.

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Sep 26, 2014 · “Pride” wears on its sleeve the desire to make its audience stand up and cheer. It is willing to occasionally plumb the depths of familiar formula to achieve its goal. Here is a true story that could have been played as straight drama, yet the filmmakers opted for a lighter approach to capture hearts and minds.


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The story begins in London, at the tail end of the Margaret Thatcher era. Closeted pastry student, Joe (George MacKay), fumbles in his indecision of whether or …

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By now British films that combine gritty economic issues with musical set pieces have become their own genre. These movies, often based on historical fact, typically involve the seemingly crazy schemes of a plucky band of commoners to save a dying industry or rescue a besieged group of workers. Pride is the most recent descendent […]

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At several pits, miners’ wives groups organised the distribution of carnations, the flower that symbolises the hero, at the pit gates on the day the miners went back. Many pits marched back to work behind brass bands , in processions dubbed “loyalty parades”.

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