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The enchantment cost will generally be less than for combining two similar items. Costs for combining enchantments (This is just the enchanting cost. The total cost outline is in Combining items.) For each enchantment on the sacrifice: Ignore any enchantment that cannot be applied to the target (e.g. Protection on a sword).

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For Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “repairing an enchanted bow”.

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Item repair is a feature that allows players to repair damaged tools, armor, or other items with durability by combining them on a crafting grid. Two items of the same type and material can be placed anywhere on the crafting grid, and the result is a single repaired item.

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I read the wiki but I still don’t quite get it. If I had a used enchanted bow, could I repair it with a new unenchanted bow and where? Same for swords.

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Enchantment ranks can be added &emdash; you can combine two Bows with Power I to get one with Power II The order in which you place the two items makes a difference: the anvil takes the first item and tries to add enchantments and durability from the second item if possible.

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Dec 30, 2012 · Im pleased to help you all but it will be cool if you liked the tutorial and subbed, thanks.

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Jan 30, 2016 · A Random Tutorial on how to repair bows in Minecraft! Leave a like, comment and/or subscribe! I really appreciate it! Music Used: Trivecta – Believe Credit Goes To MonsterCat. For more information

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How to repair a bow? – Survival Mode – Minecraft: Java

May 19, 2013 · If its not enchanted, put it in in the crafting with a different bow that damaged, it will make it higher in durability(the bar will go up). But if it is enchanted, make a new bow and put it in with an enchanted bow, but rename it.

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How to repair empowered and enchanted The Ender – reddit

How to repair empowered and enchanted The Ender (self.feedthebeast) submitted 3 years ago by Knytestorme Infinity As titles says, I have an Ender sword that I have empowered and enchanted a fair bit (also have similar dark steel armour so same query applies I guess) that is now at 960/1501 durability and I can’t work out how to repair it.

[QUESTION] How do you repair a Bow with an Anvil?

Dec 18, 2012 · I hate to resurrect an old thread, but it’s the top Google result when searching for repairing bows with an anvil. To repair your enchanted bow, combine it with an unenchanted one in an anvil to get the cheapest repair cost.