Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship offers students and instructors the opportunity to analyze businesses whose products and strategies are designed to offer innovative solutions to some of the twenty-first century’s most difficult societal challenges. Larson presents global ecological and environmental health trends and discusses their implications on today’s businesses.

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Reviewed by Channelle James, Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro on 12/6/16. The author does cover many of the important topics in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation but the way that the topics are organized seem limiting.

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Chapter 2: Sustainability Innovation in Business Energy and Materials: New Challenges in the First Decade of the Twenty-first Century and Limits to the Conventional Growth Model Defining Sustainability Innovation

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In recent years our understanding of corporate sustainability has moved from exploitation to exploration, from corporate environmental management to sustainable entrepreneurship, and from efficiency to innovation.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainability innovation


The framework builds on a typology of sustainable entrepreneurship, develops it by including social and institutional entrepreneurship, i.e. the application of the entrepreneurial approach towards meeting societal goals and towards changing market contexts, and relates it to sustainability innovation.

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The book Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability is an important contribution to the increasingly pivotal debate about how corporations can contribute to sustainable development. The editor has collected a variety of contributions that together give a very good overview of the state of this field that should be well received by managers

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Sustainable entrepreneurship has attracted growing attention in both scholarly and practitioner circles. Focusing on generating social, environmental and business value, the notion has been raised more recently to address the contribution of entrepreneurial activities to sustainable …