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TaskScheduler (tez-api 0.8.3 API)

This class represents the API for a custom TaskScheduler which can be run within the Tez AM. This can be used to source resources from different sources, as well as control the logic of how these resources get allocated to the different tasks within a DAG which needs resources.

tez-mapreduce 0.9.0 API – Apache Tez


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TezConfiguration – Apache Tez

When enabled the task scheduler will reschedule task attempts that are associated with an unhealthy node to avoid potential data transfer errors from downstream tasks. boolean false

onyx.scheduling.percentage-task-scheduler documentation

Turns down the number of peers for tasks where we overallocated. This can happen if a grouping task is allocated a higher number of peers than its percentage value requests.

TaskScheduler (Spring Framework 5.1.0.RELEASE API)

Task scheduler interface that abstracts the scheduling of Runnables based on different kinds of triggers. This interface is separate from SchedulingTaskExecutor since it usually represents for a different kind of backend, i.e. a thread pool with different characteristics and capabilities.

onyx.scheduling.common-job-scheduler documentation

Reduces the amount of ‘jitter’ – that is unnecessary movement from a peer between tasks. If the actual capacity is the same as the planned capacity, we shouldn’t reallocate the peers.

onyx.scheduling.acker-scheduler documentation

compact-bookkeeper-log-ids. deleted-bookkeeper-log-ids. exhaust-input

onyx.scheduling.balanced-job-scheduler documentation

compact-bookkeeper-log-ids. deleted-bookkeeper-log-ids. exhaust-input

C# API for Task Scheduler 2.0 – Stack Overflow

why would you install a package with a gui if windows has a gui build especially for this taskschd.msc /s – Proxx Sep 30 ’15 at 9:49 Here TaskSchedulerEditor is name of COM wrapper designed to used in C# code to access windows task scheduler GUI.