TF2 Two Cities Update includes major Medic overhaul – VG247

In an update to yesterday’s announcement, Valve revealed the second of the two cities included in the latest TF2 update: Rottenburg. It’s the “vaguely European” city whence comes the …

Team Fortress 2 – Two Cities Update: Mannhattan

And it’s now an official part of TF2. But one thing it is not is a city, because this is the Two Cities Update and we’re announcing a second city tomorrow. So for the record, Snakewater is more of a …

Download : Medic FP Animation Overhaul | Team Fortress 2

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Two Cities Update – Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team

The Two Cities Update was a major update for Team Fortress 2 that was announced on November 20, 2013 and released the following day.

Two Cities Update – Team Fortress Wiki


Team Fortress 2’s Second Part of Two Cities Update

Team Fortress 2’s Second Part of Two Cities Update Includes Medic Overhaul Post by Eorl @ 03:23pm 22/11/13 | 2 Comments Valve has revealed the second part to their Two Cities update detailed yesterday, offering to boost up the Medic’s usefulness by giving him the ability to revive dead teammates and also boost his shield capabilities.

Pyro could use a Medic-style overhaul :: Team Fortress 2

Medic was said to be viable before the update but nobody really thought the medic buff in the two cities update was bad. I wasn’t really thinking stuff like reviving but upgrades could be merged, become cheaper and new upgrades could ofcourse be added.

MAJOR TF2 update for 11/21/13 (11/22/13 UTC, Two Cities

MAJOR TF2 update for 11/21/13 (11/22/13 UTC, Two Cities Update) submitted 4 years ago * by wickedplayer494. Via the TF2 site: Mann vs. Machine Realistically, the only time a medic would switch to amputator is if he’s alone and trying to escape or has so little HP the afterburn would kill him. In either cases he won’t be healing anyone anyway.

Medic First Person Animations Perfected | Team Fortress 2

Nov 30, 2016 · This is a new animation pack for the Medic, made from scratch. It will replace “Medic First Person Animations Re-Made”, and will not be its own submission. It will most likely be released in a couple days to a week or two. I wanted to call it “The Medic Overhaul” (since Overhauls are when I …

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TF2 MvM Drops Two Cities Tour 38 – YouTube

Apr 07, 2016 · The update also introduces new items that can be obtained from a Two Cities Tour. One such item is the Killstreak kit, which applies weapon effects to whichever weapon it …