In this paper an attempt is made to propose and prove some fundamental principles of estate management, a phrase which has a familiar ring to many professional estate managers today, who well remember Michael Thorncroft’s unique textbook, ‘Principles of Estate Management’, first published in 1965 and out of print since 1972.

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The Responsibilities of a Real Estate Property Manager

Many real estate professionals have looked at property management and changed their minds when the scope of the management tasks and record-keeping are fully understood. It’s definitely a niche for the more detailed and responsive in the profession.

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The Real Principles of Estate Management

Real principles of estate management The first real principle of estate management is that no man is entirely rational about property rights, whether his own or others’. Occupation of private space — of a personal territory — is a biological need, not an economic

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Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management differs from other real estate investment and financial analysis publications in that it focuses on the real estate manager’s role in ensuring that the real estate management company’s clients realize their investment goals

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Management of Real Estate Principles of Real Estate


Purpose of the Book Real Estate Development and Management (REDM) is multi-disciplinary in nature. Therefore, the scope of Real Estate Development and Management is very wide.


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TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 AN OVERVIEW OF REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT 19 The Profession of Real Estate Management 19 Principles of Real Estate Management. CHAPTER 5 THE MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT AND PLAN 103 Management Agreement 104 Basic Components of an Agreement 105

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The textbook provides an overview of the profession and goes into more detailed information regarding specific subjects in real estate management like the management agreement and plan, financial management, marketing the properties, understanding the leases, management of …

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Principles of Effective Property Management –

Preserving, maintaining, protecting and enhancing the physical and financial aspects of real estate holdings is of paramount importance. Without corresponding efforts in logistical and physical property management, neither can achieve complete success.