Things No One Can Say or Do in Front of the Queen of England

Take a seat. One thing someone should never do in front of the queen of England is take a seat. If …

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By comparison, in 2007, the Bushes gave her an inscribed box from Tiffany’s, a leather document case containing copies of historical documents from the National Archives, and an inscribed cowgirl statue, a replica of the one standing in front of the National Cowgirl …

Queen Elizabeth II: What you should never do in front of

Aug 07, 2017 · Queen Elizabeth II: Never slurp your tea in front of Her Majesty Hold the tea cup, not the cup and saucer, when at the table, and never slurp. Another royal who …

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What Powers Does the Queen of England Actually Have?

Blake M. asks: Does the queen of England have any real power anymore or is her position just ceremonial at this point? A short while ago we wrote about the fact Queen Elizabeth II needs neither a passport nor driving license thanks to a quirk of British law.

10 Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Queen Elizabeth II

While there is no obligatory code of behavior when meeting the Queen or another member of the Royal Family, there are just certain things that should never be done in the Queen’s presence. Keep Your Hands Off . Royal protocol says anyone meeting …

10 things no one is allowed to do in front of the Queen

Aug 08, 2017 · 10 things no one is allowed to do in front of the Queen. Country Living • August 8, 2017. 1 / 11. Queen Elizabeth has met hundreds of thousands, if not …

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One of the main prerogative powers that are still used personally by The Queen these days is the power to grant honours. As all honours derive from the Crown, The Queen has the final say on

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Aug 08, 2008 · By means of numerous engagements and walkabouts, the Queen and the Royal Family come in contact with the people of all parts of the UK as no one else does, often inspiring the nation in times of crisis–remember the Queen Mum’s visits to the East End at the height of the Nazi bombing raids during World War II.

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29 Things Her Majesty The Queen Is Probably Thinking

29 Things Her Majesty The Queen Is Probably Thinking. Officially servin’ royal realness for 60 years.