Urban Dictionary: toss salad

Toss salad is a sexual act in which one person licks the other’s ass hole for sexual arousal. A toss salad king or Mr Toss Salad is someone who brags about being a master at or who prefers to toss salad.

Urban Dictionary: tossed salad

A rather tasty salad typically comprising of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers among many other vegetables, topped with a dressing of some sort.

Urban Dictionary: Salad Tossing

“Salad tossing” is the act of licking someone’s asshole, often preceded by kissing and licking their ass cheeks and ass crack, and often accompanied by kissing and fingering their asshole.

Urban Dictionary: tossing salad

the act of placing your tongue in a male or females ass, and probing all around the circumferance of the asshole, while aiding the person in masturbation

Urban Dictionary: tossing the salad

It’s a prison thing. Lower inmates are forced to lick the assholes of the leading inmates, but they put salad dressing on it to hide the taste. Hence, tossing the salad.

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