Urban Dictionary: water rat

often mistaken for a puddle of water, water rats are aquatic mammals which can be found in the ocean, sewers and school changerooms. They are extremely violent so if you see one, experts recommend to run away like a girl.

Urban Dictionary: rat

RAT \ Remote Access Trojan, RATs are malicious programs that run invisibly on host PCs and permit an intruder remote access and complete control designed specifically for stealth installation and operation, RATs can delete and modify files, format hard disks, upload and download files, harass users, and drop off other malware.

Urban Dictionary: river rat

A river rat is a player who, despite holding bad cards and hitting nothing on the flop, continues to bet right up until the fifth and final community card, the river card. More often than not noobs such as this usually get lucky on the river and insist on bragging about it despite the fact that their success was down do dumb luck and not skill.

Urban Dictionary: Raty


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Urban Dictionary: sewer rat

Giant rats that are twice as large as a cat. Very ferocious beasts which can chew metal like bubble gum.

Urban Dictionary: Water

An abundant liquid that is very addicting. Everyone, including Chuck Norris, need this type of particular chemical in them, daily. Water is consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.It’s very addicting compare to other drinks.

Urban Dictionary: Rata

twat (portuguese). Same as cona, crica, paxaxa, pito, pipi (euphemism), pastel de pelo (brazilian portuguese), etc. It is an extremely rude word that should never be used in front of a lady, unless said lady is a classless whore, or you really, really want to.