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Games might be “region free” but DLC has to be region-specific. I buy a French SingStar, its got French songs on it. I connect to the French SingStore, with a French account, its got French songs on it.

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About Sony’s game/DLC/Add-on region lock logic

Most games (99%) are region free. Meaning you can import them with no concerns. However, all PSN codes (inc DLC) are country-locked. Eg Titles from the UK will ONLY work with UK DLC codes.

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Oct 10, 2013 · I’ve really been getting into my new PS3 for the past week, and I was wondering if there are any free games available in the PS Store (aside from demos, I mean).

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once again you were region locked on ps1/ps2 games .the ps3 60gb was only region free for the ps3 games not ps1/ps2 games.that why i need a american and japanese 60 gb ps3 .not for the ps3 game .but for all the imported ps1/ps2 games i had.i had imported ps3 games .but i did not need a system to play them on when i already had a region free ps3

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Feb 25, 2015 · Second, like with PS3’s region free games, Sony gives devs the option to do it but doesn’t want to make it mandatory. Almost all PS3 games are region free, Persona 4 …

Regional lockout – Wikipedia

In addition, downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 systems is region-matched with the game, so you need to buy DLC from US PlayStation Store to use it in a US game. More specifically, the PS3’s file system includes region-of-origin, so DLC cannot be shared between different region games much like save files cannot.

Making a North American PSN account in the UK

Jul 20, 2011 · DLC is region locked so when you buy your games in the UK or wherever your from you can only buy DLC from that store. You’ll also need US psn cards to buy content from the US store.