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If you’ve got a lower VO2 Max number or Cardio Fitness Score, you might have a smaller “engine,” and can focus your work on building a higher capacity to burn energy and put it to use.

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5) Physiological Capacity. STUDY. PLAY. What’s a very high relative VO2 max and a very high absolute VO2 max? 85ml/kg/min and 5L/min. Does VO2 max change depending on mode of exercise? And if so which is best? Yes it does change and exercise that use the most muscles i.e. running.

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How to calculate your VO2 max. Unless you have a power meter, the easiest (if fairly inaccurate) way to find out your VO 2 max is to step on a treadmill and use something called the Bruce Protocol method. Step 1. Warm up for 5-10 minutes. Step 2. Restart the treadmill at a …

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Nov 16, 2007 · It depends on why it is low. Remember, it is a ratio of oxygen used per minute, per kilogram of bodyweight (relative VO2 max anyway). If you lose weight, the number goes up. If you are 50lbs over weight, your VO2 max has LOTS of room for improvment. Consider a 300lb man with a VO2 max of 30 ml/kg/min.

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There are several other reliable tests and VO 2 max calculators to estimate VO 2 max, most notably the multi-stage fitness test (or beep test). Rockport fitness walking test. Estimation of VO 2 max from a timed one-mile track walk with duration t, incorporating gender, age, body weight in pounds (BW), and heart rate (HR) at the end of the mile.

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VO2 max is reached when your oxygen consumption remains at a steady state despite an increase in the workload. It is at this plateau that the athlete moves from aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism .

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May 27, 2009 · What it Means “V02 is milliliters of oxygen per your body weight per minute that you can move or utilize,” says Paul Robbins, the metabolic specialist for Athletes’ Performance. Simply put, the higher that number, the more cardiovascular strength you have. The numbers vary by sport.